Our Favorite Geek Bedroom Decor Item!

So right now we’re totally obsessed with this set of Scalers we have for sale on the site.   Not sure what Scalers are?  They’re these awesome collectible mini figures for your cords and cables, featuring iconic characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books. These adorable minis grip headphone cords, device cables and more, and feature an amazing level of detail.  At only 2 inches tall, there’s room for a bunch on any cord.

The Series 1 Set we have on the site includes Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th), a Xenomorph (Alien), Gollum (Hobbit and Lord of the Rings), the Predator (Predator), and Gizmo (Gremlins)!

NECA has discontinued these and they’re all either out of stock or super limited inventory at most retailers, so take advantage while we still have in stock!!


 Buy SCALERS now!


Decorate the Dorm

We have some amazing items for your college dorm room.  Check out our favorites in this roundup of our best back to school deals and use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for college.

For the music fan: We have some amazing band collectors lunchboxes and water bottles that are great for both display in your room, as well as to actually use as a tote, or to bring with you to class.



For the pop culture geek: We have the best pop culture merch, from Star Trek backpacks to Simpsons lunchboxes to superhero everything, you’ll definitely find something you love.


For the poster fanatic: We have tons of limited edition, collector edition and rare posters to cover those bland dorm walls.


For the pen collector: We have so many limited edition pens that will be perfect for taking notes in class.


For the tote bag lover: These are great for both carrying books and laundry, but also to use while you’re moving into your dorm!

For the heavy sleeper: Make sure you wake up on time and in style with our collection of alarm clocks and decorative wall clocks.



Visit our website for other going away to college gifts, dorm room must haves and essential back to school items: https://collectorstoyden.com/