Star Trek 50th Anniversary!


On September 8th 1966 the first episode of the Original Star Trek series was aired on televisions across the nation.  The 78 episodes that followed changed the face of science fiction and created perhaps the most important franchise of all time.  After the original series came 5 followup series, 12 movies, a massive fan following of Trekkies, conventions, games, and the best part: tons of awesome merchandise!!  We’ve pulled together some of our very favorite Star Trek items here (from all series) – all are for sale on our website, at our Star Trek products page.   Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek! Live long and prosper!


Locutus of Borg Pop! Vinyl Figure
Warp Speed Tin Sign
Star Trek BEAM ME UP Tin Tote


50th anniv dolls.jpg
Star Trek 50th Anniversary: Kirk, Uhura, Spock set of 3 dolls
star trek ceramic mug.jpg
Warp Speed Ceramic Mug
star trek boingler.jpg
Star Trek Enterprise Boingler
Star trek retro backpack.jpg
Star Trek Retro Tech Backpack
enterprise msgr bag.jpg
U.S.S Enterprise Messenger Bag


uniform laptop bags.jpg
Star Trek Uniform Laptop Bag w/Delta Coin Pouch Set of 2 Pieces
Star Trek Series 1 Set of 4 ReAction Figures
Star Trek 4 pc Magnet Set
khan bobble head.jpg
The Wrath of Khan – Khan Bobble Head


The Wrath of Khan – Kirk Bobble Head

Make sure to use code ctd20 for extra 20% off!


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