Star Trek Beyond Release Celebration

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about Star Trek Beyond coming out today!  Celebrate the movie release by shopping our selection of STAR TREK merch – we have something for everyone in this collection.  Make sure to LIKE us on Facebook to keep track of new items we list on the site.


61yl5w2dedlThe Star Trek – Series 1 Set of 4 Pieces Reactopm 3 3/4 Inch Action Figures  is a line with collectors in mind.  The figures have a retro look on purpose and usually come in retro looking card, as well.  Their hands are sculpted with the fingers together with the right hand molded to hold a phaser.  Their shirts are the correct colors (blue for Spock and Bones, gold for Sulu and red for Uhura), with other details as the painted gold insignia and rank bars on the sleeves.  Spock includes a tricorder pack. Sulu includes a phaser.  Bones includes a medical tricorder and Uhura includes a data pad.  Features 5 points of articulation, just like the classic Kenner action figures of the 1970s and 80s.

The Star Trek – ST Uniform Laptop Bag with Delta Coin Pouch Set of 2 pieces are star trek bagsofficially licensed and faux leather. Laptop bag features custom delta metal rivet, embroidered braid rank on side panels, padded interior fits up to a 13″ laptop or tablet, extra interior pockets and pen holders with custom Star Trek Lining. Size is 14″H x 10″W x 2.75″ D.   You can chose from screen printed insignia for the coin pouch. It has custmo printed polyester lining with Star Trek logo and universe icons. The pouch size is 4″H x 2.75″W x 1″D

1028_1_ZoomStar Trek 40th Anniversary U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 Die-Cast Replica Ship by Corgi is instantly recognized as the ultimate symbol of the Star Trek franchise. This highly detailed die-cast replica is from the original Star Trek series also comes with a Starfleet emblem stand for easy display, beautifully boxed in a clear hard plastic with a top and bottom marked Corgi celebrating 40 years.


The STAR TREK-40TH ANNIVERSARY TEK PHASER PISTOL has an Original 2 in 1 design 1932_1_zoomwith detachable mini hand phaser!  It features authentic action lights and sounds and adjustable power settings. Remember always treat Phasers as if they were fully loaded with nadions– It’s fun until someone puts an eye out.  Trek Tek action replicas are full scale toys modeled direct from original Star Trek props for maximum authenticity. With authentic action lights and sound and adjustable power settings you’ll feel like you are on board Kirk’s Enterprise!

1147_1_Big_Thumb.jpgThis exciting Mr. Spock 3D Vivid Vision 10 x 8 poster commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the original Star Trek series is a great addition to any Star Trek collection.  It’s frameable and made in the USA.




star trek beyond.png

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