Game of Thrones Roundup


Winter is officially here, so prepare by surrounding yourself with the best new Game of Thrones Funko Legacy Edition Action figures just added to the site!

Ensure your safety when you buy the Jon Snow Legacy Figure by Funko. Keep this Night’s Watch
companion close to your side as you prepare for the Night King to come.  Even though this King of the North is ready for danger with his sword Longclaw, he is sweet, earnest, and apparently knows nothing. Put Longclaw in its place and you can pose his jointed arms and legs for an action-filled addition to your collection.
 jon snowTerrify traitors and seek vengeance on your enemies with this “Hound” Legacy Figure. The normally ferocious Sandor Clegane maintains his mean demeanor in miniature form with his accurate facial scars and heavy eyes. Be sure to keep your armored hound away from fire, and maybe away from the rest of the Game of Thrones Figures as well, we wouldn’t want a fight. 


When your mind is your weapon, you must keep it sharp. There’s nothing dull about the Tyrion Lannister Legacy Figure and the ax that he holds. The littlest Lannister, who likes to “drink and know things” has found his place among men (and mothers of dragons).  Get this figurine with its exquisite detail recreating Tyrion Lannister in even smaller form and show that you’re the biggest of Game of Thrones fans.

Tyrion Lannister

Throwing it back to early season 1, keep this man of honor on your desk to show respect for the true warden of the north and Lord of Winterfell. Ned Stark is shown in his traditional wardrobe of a blue undershirt and leather vest, complete with the pin of the Hand of the King (and head intact).  

Ned Stark

You’re not a traitor, just a huge Game of Thrones fan with this White Walker Legacy Figure. Winter has come and it’s bringing more than was bargained for with the fearsome White Walker Night King.  The fearsome spear-wielding walker has a mean mug that could freeze a room and wears a warm weather warrior outfit you wouldn’t expect to see in the North.  He’s ready to conquer the Wall! 

White Walker

Saving the best for last, no gathering of Game of Thrones figures is complete without the fearsome Mother of Dragons. Though young, Daenerys Targaryen is perhaps the greatest conqueror that Westeros will ever see. This Game of Thrones – Daenerys Targaryen Legacy Figure captures the Khaleesi’s distinctive look, from the braids in her hair to the faithful dragon on her arm (we think it’s Drogo). Show your loyalty to House Targaryen with this version of Dany.



We are authorized reps for FUNKO and all of our products are authentic, licensed, and brand new in the original sealed packaging shipped from our warehouse.  Share your favorite characters and pictures of your FUNKO figures on our Facebook



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